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How to delete or remove a device from your EZVIZ account?

Follow the steps below to delete the camera from your EZVIZ account using your mobile app.

1)Log into the EZVIZ account

2)Tap on the image of the camera to open the "live view" page

3)From the top right corner, tap on the "gear icon image" to open the device settings page

4)From the top right corner of that screen, tap on "more" and tap on "Delete Device" and choose "OK"

NOTE for CloudPlay Subscribers: If you are a CloudPlay subscriber the option to "Cancel Subscription" and/or "Delete Video Clips" store in the EZVIZ Cloud Storage service is also provided here.

WARNING: By selecting the "Delete Video Clips" option here you will be deleting "ALL" video clips stored in the Cloud Service. These CAN NOT be recovered.