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How to visit the “Advanced Setting” of EZVIZ Studio?

Visit the download center to download the EZVIZ studio

1) Go to the root directory of EZVIZ Studio in your PC and find the folder named “config”.

2) Copy the file named “AppConfig.ini” in the folder of “config” to desktop. Open “AppConfig.ini” in desktop

3) Add the following command which highlighted in yellow in “AppConfig.ini” and save before exiting.



4) Copy the “AppConfig.ini” file in desktop to folder of “config” and overlay the old one. Refresh the device page in EZVIZ Studio or reopen the Studio, then you will see the “Advanced”.

5) If you want to hide the “Advanced” setting, please change the command “Show=1” to “Show=0”, then reopen the EZVIZ studio.

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