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How to view images saved on the SD Card?

EZVIZ Security Cameras records video to the SD card, Wi-Fi NVR and cloud simultaneously when enabled. To view videos on the SD card, ensure you have a microSD card installed on the device and ensure you have the SD card initialized (activated). Here is a step by step guide to enable you view your videos stored on the SD card.

1) Log into your EZVIZ app;

Enter your username and password – Tap the login tab to log into your account

2) Tap on the device that you want to view;

From the home page, select the device you want to view from the list of devices on your EZVIZ account.

3) Scroll to the bottom while in live-view mode;

4) From the bottom right corner tap on the Video History icon;

5) From the middle of the screen, tap on the date to open the calendar and select the date you want to preview;

6) Select the date and play the video;

7) Tap/hold down and move left or right to select the time of day you want to playback;

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